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Powell County Search & Rescue was established in 2013 with 20 volunteers with a desire to help those in need. Red River Gorge is a beautiful place of fun, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. Sometimes our mistakes could lead to injury to ourselves and the time comes when you need a team to rescue you. We have certified rescuers who are trained in search and rescue, swift water, rope techs and medical. Powell County Search & Rescue treats every family like their own. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which receives donations and grants to support the team with equipment. With the generous donations from our supporters, we can continue our missions of rescuing those in need.

Meet our Amazing Team!

Our members are willing to leave their families, their jobs and there personal safety behind at a moments notice. Every minute of every hour, every week of month… in fact….. always! We do it voluntarily, we do it with out question, any time of the year, day or night, sometimes in the most extreme conditions manageable.

Billy Wilcox


Billy Ginter

Asst. Chief

James Woosley

Equipment Officer

Faith Oberg

Finance Officer

Kristin Gousse

Public Information Officer

Brian McKinney

Administrative Officer

Dewayne Estes

Training Officer

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does PoCo SAR do?

Powell County SAR assists families and local agencies by providing manpower to search for missing or lost loved ones any time of the day or night. All of our volunteers are trained to be certified search technicians, and also receive training in Wilderness First Aid and CPR. Our Command Post personnel run an emergency operations center during all call outs, and our Command Staff train to FEMA standards of Incident Command Management.

How can I help your organization?

Powell County Search and Rescue is funded solely by the generous donations of corporations, local businesses, and members of the community. If you would like to sponsor Powell County SAR or make a donation (any amount is appreciated!) please go to our Donate page. Thank you!

I want to save lives! How can I join you?

We are always looking for committed volunteers who want to help others. You can work in the field as a searcher, or work in our command post, or even help out in the office with administration and technical needs. Fill out a Volunteer Application.

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